The following points should help make that decision to invest or conduct business in
a jurisdiction of internationally noted quality:

  • An excellent hub for the establishment of international business in areas as diverse as Financial Services & E-Commerce, Trading and E-Trading, Communications & E-Gaming, Maritime Services, Light Industry, Property Development and Tourism & Transport.
  • A highly developed business services infrastructure where you can Passport your EU licence in financial services such as insurance and reinsurance, EU-wide pensions, banking and funds administration, amongst others. Distribute competitively priced VAT-free products and services to the markets of the EU and Africa.
  • Invest or conduct business in a quality low-tax jurisdiction with a profit oriented capital base at low levels of corporate tax, all in a stable currency – £ Sterling GIP – with few restrictions in moving capital or repatriating dividends.
  • A legal system modelled on the English structure contributes to making Gibraltar the well regulated (but not over regulated), globally acclaimed jurisdiction it is today.
  • A stable political and economic environment, which is already being enjoyed by established investors and customers.
  •  Benefits from EU membership, including access to the EU financial services’ market.
  • Enhanced, weather-protected port facilities outside of the European Customs Union make Gibraltar ideal for cruise liners and cargo handling/logistics (Gibraltar is one of the world’s leading bunkering centres).
  • An international airport with scheduled flights to the United Kingdom in conjunction with proximity to Spanish regional airports at Malaga, Seville and Jerez.
  • One of Europe’s most advanced fibre-optic telecommunications networks, offering quality solutions for business requirements.
  • A harmonious, multicultural and English-speaking environment, as favoured by most international businesses, providing pivotal access to regional markets in Mediterranean Europe and North Africa (the majority of people in Gibraltar are at least bilingual).
  • A variety of interesting fiscal products ranging from lucrative funds development and administration to customised financial solutions such as international tax planning strategies, along with monthly tax-free registered debentures – stable bonds with an attractive non-taxable fixed rate.
  • A high-quality environment for corporate accommodation as well as modern services and workspace for manufacturing and distribution, together with an effective, advanced communications infrastructure (necessary business support services are also available on site).
  • Start up incentives, including a start up rate of 10% applicable to any new businesses established in Gibraltar after 1 July 2009.
  • The Common Agricultural Policy, Value Added Tax and the Common Customs Tariff do not apply to Gibraltar since it falls outside the EU Customs Union. Classified as a developing country, Gibraltar is entitled to preferential trade tariffs under the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP).
  • Legislation is in place to encourage High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and High Executives Possessing Specialist Skills (HEPSS) to establish tax residency in Gibraltar, affording them the opportunity to have the tax payable on their income restricted to a capped amount.
  • Gibraltar relishes from warm summers and mild winters – around 300 days of sunshine – and a high quality of life, with a wide variety of sporting, cultural and entertainment facilities, both in and around Gibraltar (an enviable lifestyle with the professionalism and vibrancy of a modern location).

In short, whatever the reason for establishing a business activity in Gibraltar,
the Rock has something for everyone.

Trade ‘from’ but not ‘in’ Gibraltar

Any type of E-Commerce Venture (ECV) provides a global sales portal that doubles up as an international marketing tool to customers worldwide via a cyber door. E-Commerce House (ECH) is a potential project set-up, engineered by the Gibraltar Government, to provide ECVs with an opportunity to benefit from the advantages of operating a business from Gibraltar without having to trade in Gibraltar. This simple concept is proving to be very attractive to people and companies on the move. It removes the need for high investment costs in property or premises as well as reduces the need for employing dedicated staff to look after the administration side of a business. Time is therefore spent doing what is most profitable – business.

ECH is a perfect vehicle for the administration of a business that trades in high volume, low cost products. The concept is not restricted in any way to this type of set-up. All services to do with the importation, storage, stock-control, packaging and repackaging, shipping or returns of goods can be managed through ECH. This concept, which effectively removes a big burden of time consuming work, is especially well suited for business start-ups.

In addition, ECH can also provide any combination of the following ancillary services:

  • The insertion of other documentation and publicity requested material
  • The Dispatch of Publicity, Statements or Invoices electronically and/or in hard copy by mail
  • The establishment of a Secure Electronic Communication Channel with an ECV
  • The supply of all packing requirements and printed publicity materials Import Duty and VAT free
  • The production and mailing of ECV brochures in hard or soft copy format
  • An after-sales service on behalf of the ECV, to include inquiry service, returns, refunds, and replacement orders according to pre-agreed criteria

Licensing Legislation for ECH

  • Provided that the ECV is situated within ECH and does not trade in Gibraltar, legislation for ECH operators will:
  • Exempt them from Import Duty on goods placed in bondage stores for export
  • Exempt goods with a unit cost of under £18 and sent from Gibraltar to an EU address from VAT

The Royal Gibraltar Post Office (RGPO)

The RGPO provides:

  • Economic, fast delivery for all your e-com shipping needs, up to a maximum product weight of 20kg
  • Clear posting guidelines to ensure the quickest delivery possible
  • Country-sorting matrixes to enable you to accurately pre-sort to different countries
  • Track & Trace, Proof of Posting and Confirmation of Delivery Options to a wide spectrum of mail destinations

Information sourced from the Government of Gibraltar’s website